Frani & Wes’ Wedding Video in HD and Super 8| Austin, Texas

As wedding cinematographers, there’s something that we’re always hoping for with every wedding…it’s not a stunning dress, tons of thoughtful details, incredible venues (and this wedding had all that)…it’s a bride and groom who are happy to be themselves. They’re present. They’re expressive. They are bubbling over with joy and emotion. That’s why filming and editing Frani and Wes’ wedding was such a pleasure.

We loved the navy dress (check out the delightful floral petticoat!), the “playful with a touch of moody” (according to Frani) flowers, three of the best venues Austin has to offer, the blend of cultures (tea ceremony + Hava Nagila!), and the sweet letters, but mostly we loved Frani and Wes and the way they were with each other and their families (listen to snippets from the toasts to hear just how close they are!)

Frani and Wes, I know your life will be “sweet and rewarding”, just as making this film has been for us.

I basically woke Wes up at midnight so we could watch. It is AWESOME. It's just brilliant. I think you did such an amazing job illustrating our relationship and our relationship with our family and our friends. It's just unbelievable!!! I laugh and cry though the whole thing! My mom is going to DIE, but in a good way. I just got to re-live the entire day over again and I couldn't be happier.
The music choices, voiceovers, everything. Such quality and such talent. Appreciate you two and your ability to capture magical moments and eternalize them in video form.

- Frani
Coordinator: Bird Dog Wedding
First Look Location: Roadhouse Relics
Florist: Gypsy Floral
Caterer: Royal Fig
Lighting: Ilios Lighting
Bridal Shop: Unbridaled
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