Baylee & David’s Wedding Highlights | Tyler, TX Videographer

Brent and I got to know these two before their wedding when we filmed a commercial for David, who is a talented chiropractor here in town. It was such a treat hanging with them, hearing their story and seeing their excitement for their impending nuptials. Their compatibility is off the charts – Baylee *may* have shed a few tears throughout the day, and David was this solid, comforting presence for her. And they both have tendencies to break into dance at random moments. And you could see it most on the dance floor, where they were totally in sync and even recreated the epic “Dirty Dancing” move, much to everyone’s delight.

Not only is Baylee close to her new husband, she’s also super tight with her parents (she’s an only child) and I love how this highlights film puts that relationship on display as well. So grab a bowl of popcorn and some Junior Mints and enjoy this five minutes of sentimentality and fun!

I honestly can't stop crying. We were in public too! About to eat dinner...I insisted we watch and WATERWORKS!!!! You guys are beyond talented and I can't thank you enough. Your work is insanely beautiful!!!!!!!...Now I shall go back and continue to watch this over and over and over... - Baylee

Venue: Willowbrook Country Club
Photographer: Donna Cummings Photography
Coordinator: Plan It! Events
Florist: Jerry’s Flowers
Band: The Pictures
Bride’s Cake: Designs by D’Anne
Groom’s Cake: Village Bakery
Premarital Counseling and Officiant: Matt and Megan Magill



Shelby & Zachary’s Wedding Highlights in Super 8 and HD

What an absolutely beautiful, magical wedding this was.  Shelby and Zachary had been dating for pretty much forever, and their bated breath excitement to finally be tying the knot was palpable. Their first look was full of such tenderness, and their ceremony, surrounded by lush flowers and happy people, was a reflection of their personalities. The vows they wrote for each other were thoughtful and sweet and made a perfect foundation for their highlights montage, featuring both High Definition and some vintage Super 8 film. It was so much fun editing this…And Shelby and Zachary – we are so happy for you!

WOW we LOVE it!!! This is truly amazing!! It's so beautiful and I'm crying my eyes out at work!! I couldn't even wait to get home so we could watch it together. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into making this so wonderful! You guys are the best!! - Shelby
Officiant: James Bray with Sensational Ceremonies
Food: Fatt Apple catering
Cake: Designs by D’Anne
Hair: Angela Steed at Dollhouse Salon
Invites: Minted
Bridesmaids dresses: Paper Crown Bridesmaids




Of Thorns in Roses: The Story of Willa


“If we’re hopeful it’s because things will someday be made right, and all things sad will come untrue,
and darkness will be swallowed up in light, and joy will run rampant and all will be well.”
– BJ Brawner


 When faced with heartbreaking loss, how do you respond?

I think the answer reveals something about who we are: what we are made of, how we see the world, where we find our strength. In the case of Sara and BJ, who lost their baby before she was born, it is clear that they draw their strength from Someone other than themselves. I, along with many others, watched as they navigated the unknown terrain of grief with honesty, tenderness, and hope. After they became pregnant, the three of us thought it would be special to make a little birth film telling the story about the pregnancy and birth and all the attending excitement and happiness. Having filmed their wedding several years ago and subsequently becoming friends with them, it seemed like a natural next step. So I was especially shocked and saddened to hear that Willa had died at 34 weeks. After the funeral, the three of us decided that we would still make a film, but it would be a different story – still Willa’s story, but we would explore what it means to have  hopeful expectation met with stinging disappointment. Fifteen months after her birth Willa’s story, as told through her amazing parents, is here to provide you some inspiration. Again, in the words of BJ:

“We want to be the sorta folks who get their hopes up. We want to feel the weight of this world in its entirety, in its beauty as well as its brokenness. We want to laugh from our bellies and weep from our souls. And we can do that because our hope and our peace and our happiness is not here—not in our babies (nor in each other, nor in our house, nor in good food, nor in travel…). These are all good things that, although marred with brokenness, serve as signposts that point us back to the King and his Kingdom. We live in Advent for all that it’s worth, waiting for the Christmas feast when all will be made right.”

Willa Rose

You can follow BJ on Instagram here and Sara here, and me here.

Alyssa’s Dad

The moment we were told that Alyssa’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, our role as wedding filmmakers suddenly became so much more important. Not only were we to there to capture the nuptial festivities, we felt we were there to document Dale also. Before the ceremony I (Vanessa) popped up to mom and dad’s room where they were getting ready and took a few minutes to ask them some questions. I think the results are priceless; it was touching to see the way they cherished each other. Shortly afterward, Dale was able to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away, something many thought might not possible. What a beautiful moment! He was too weak to continue on to the reception, but he got to experience it for the first time via their wedding film. Read the precious quote below to see how important the film is to them, and check out this little snippet we created.

Vanessa, I don't even know where to begin. I just watched the most incredible video of my daughter's wedding. Thanking God for you at this very moment. I really have no words to describe what i am feeling right now. Ya'll are truly amazing. Dale just watched it from his bed we have set up in the living room. We are celebrating his life and living, not focusing on the news that there is nothing more they can do for him. What a treasure for him to attend the wedding through your perfect depiction of Alyssa's special day. We are just truly blown away. He wants to watch it again and again...We are making him as comfortable as possible and he truly was comforted tonight watching your beautiful video. Thank you so much! You guys are truly amazing, and I wish you the best in your business. I WILL call on you again! —Lizzy

Abby & Nate’s Wedding Highlights | Tyler, TX Videographer

Brent and I have had the privilege of watching Abby and Nate’s relationship blossom from the start. You see, a few years ago Abby was our wonderful nanny and we would demand that she give us any and all details on her love life. After she met a handsome guy named Nate at church and they started dating, it wasn’t long before he was clearly “the one”. Then we got to talk all about fun wedding stuff!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! We love it Vanessa! Thank you guys sooooo much! Seriously. Everything is perfect! And that song.... Ah I love it!!! I cried my eyes out! Y'all captured everything so perfectly, so many emotions! I can't thank you guys enough for filming our wedding. Seriously. And I know things were CRAZY that day and you guys did such a good job helping keep things together I don't know what we would have done without y'all. Lol but thanks to you guys Nate and I can relive the best day of our lives through our video and I cannot wait to watch it over and over again! —Abby

It was wonderful to see all the planning come to fruition a few weeks ago on their wedding day at The Arbor. There were so many emotions on display- laughter and tears, silliness and solemnity, quiet anticipation and unbridled mirth. I love being friends with Abby’s family- her parents plus her seven siblings- they just make everything more fun and they’re so comfortable in front of the camera. And Abby and Nate (aka “Barbie and Ken” as her dad likes to say) have such chemistry with each other and aren’t afraid to show it. It was a dream filming their day, and a pleasure editing this highlights montage for them.

Abby and Nate, East Texas will dearly miss you two but we know there are great things in store for you!


Karli & Coleman’s Wedding Highlights | Tyler, TX Videographer

Even a surprise downpour couldn’t put a damper on Karli and Coleman’s beautiful wedding at Villa di Felicita in Tyler. Their effusive joy and affection for each other was evident all day, as was their ability to have a good old fashioned fun time together. Tender moments between the bride and her family and her husband were combined with rapping groomsmen and the bride’s raucous performance of “Redneck Woman”. Too fun!

See a little bit of it here in their highlights.

Venue: Villa di Felicita

Photographer: Brandi Burkett

Florist: La Tee Da


Lighting: Tyler Uplights

Im at work and in tears! That is absolutely perfect! I am soooo excited with it all! Yall did amazing!! OMG im at a loss for words! I honestly dont know what else to say besides how perfect it was and how happy I am with EVERYTHING!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Welles’ Birth Story

A week after Kaylyn and Brad’s wedding last fall, I posted their sneak peek and wondered aloud when they were going to have babies so I could film the birth. Little did anyone know that within a month, they would be expecting a bundled of joy! I was thrilled and honored when they asked me (Vanessa) to make a birth film for them. It has been such a joy to document some major milestones for these two and their families, from their Love Story to their rehearsal dinner to their wedding day, and now building a family together.

I love births. When I was pregnant with my firstborn I watched a million YouTube videos of births, and then we made our own when he was born. When I got the call that Kaylyn was in heavy labor, and I could hear her vocalizing through a contraction in the background, I wanted to cry. Labor and birth is just such an intense experience in every way. I went into total professional mode when little Welles made his debut, and I was able to keep it together. It was only when I watched the footage later that the tears came. I think my favorite part of the whole thing is how Brad unconsciously puts his hand over his heart when he sees Welles for the first time. It’s almost as if his heart will explode with joy and he’s trying to keep it all in.

Many, many blessings on this new, precious family.


Emma & Matt’s Wedding Highlights in Super 8 & HD | Longview, TX Videographer

We filmed Emma’s sister Hannah’s wedding several years ago, and have since gotten to know the four Tibiletti daughters and their parents as we shot weddings with Hannah, filmed Olivia in the Longview ballet, and chatted with them at their friends’ weddings. So we were thrilled when we learned that Emma was engaged and wanted us to film her big day. The morning wedding was so fun (I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I just love morning weddings)- documenting the saga of the bad haircut, cracking up as Emma made jokes as she got dressed, witnessing the ceremony in a beautiful chapel with beautiful flowers and music, laughing as the little ring bearer literally fell sleep during portraits, seeing all the happy, familiar, joyful faces on the dance floor, and watching the happy bride and pilot depart under a shower of paper airplanes.

Watch a little bit of it here in their highlights, filmed in both High Definition and vintage Super 8 film.

Church: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

Reception: The Summit Club

Photographer: Brandi Smyth Photography

Florist: Fantasy and Fairytale Floral Designs

Coordinator: Nicole Ridgeway

Dress Shop: Patsy’s, Dallas

Band: Otis and the Metro Band

Cakes: V’s Frosted Art (Venita Morris)

Quartet: Longview String Quartet


Jennifer & James’ Wedding Highlights | Longview, TX Videographer

It was so much fun filming Jennifer and James’ big day. I heard them ask each other several times throughout the day, “Is this real life?!” Despite the massive downpour that nearly did the backyard reception in (apparently all the homes in the neighborhood divvied up sopping tablecloths and dried them in their dryers- the last table was set just as the guests were arriving) spirits were high and things went off without a hitch.

The theme for their reception was “Our Favorite Things” and it was so cool. They had four of their favorite Longview food trucks provide the meal (the place where they had their first date served the burgers) plus they had a cookie bar with milk, cupcakes, cake pops and two beautiful cakes. The opulent black-and-white stripes plus glittery gold theme tied everything together perfectly. With twinkling café lights, lush white floral arrangements, and a clear blue sky, the night turned out perfect. Thanks Jennifer and James for trusting us to capture the perfection.

Jennifer said, “We just received your sweet package today!!!!! Wow wow wow is all we can say!!!! You guys have blessed us beyond belief! This wedding feature made us cry, laugh, and live our special day all over again!! What a special gift to have forever… to be able to relive everything again! You guys are so incredibly talented; I am amazed at your work! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making our feature so so beautiful! It is perfect in every way! You guys are going to have me crying over this for sometime!!! Not to mention my Mom… She will DIE!!!!

We are all so thankful to have gotten to know you two and for your friendship! Hopefully we will run into you at many more weddings!!! We will be recommending you TO EVERYONE!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! We love you guys!”

Church: Mobberly Baptist Church

Church coordinator: Greg Scobee of Longview and Lesa Floyd of Mobberly Baptist Church

Reception: Home of Dr. and Mrs. Andy Mack

Reception Coordinator: Danae Hawthorne of Longview

Photography: Elisabeth Carol Photography

Rentals:  A1 Rentals & Pursuing Eden

Flowers: Casa Flora

DJ: Goga Denisov of Dallas


Kathleen & Chris’ Sneak Peek | East Texas Videographer

Chris and Kathleen met on eHarmony. Chris was so nervous on their first date (he had seen her picture and in his words was “beyond nervous”) that he forgot to open doors for Kathleen, and he sped walked on what was supposed to be a sweet stroll. After Kathleen rehashed the date to her sister, her sister told her, “I hate to say this, but he’s just not that into you.” Luckily Chris (a South  Carolina native) followed up with an email, to which Kathleen responded, “Well, in Texas guys hold the doors open for girls and let the girl walk in front of them.” Snap! But Kathleen gave him a second chance when he told her how nervous he was, and their next date was the beginning of an amazing relationship. Chris moved to Texas, they wrote each other love letters (displayed in the centerpieces at the reception) and he proposed amongst candles and photos hanging from a tree (recreated at the entrance to the ceremony). As you can see during their first look, Chris is definitely into Kathleen.

And how beautiful is Kathleen’s dress?! She couldn’t find what she wanted in the States, so she had it custom designed. So pretty!

On a side note, Chris’ mother has early onset Alzheimer’s and is steadily declining. We were able to capture footage of her praying, laughing, hugging, dancing, praising Jesus, and just generally being joyful. We’re thankful that we get to preserve memories of people for generations to come.

Kathleen said, “We were finally able to watch it together… Definitely a tear jerker!  That video is so precious to us. Given our family situation that video will be treasured!! It’s so much better than pictures! Christopher and I both agreed that it would be awesome to have videos like that of big family get togethers… There’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice or actually seeing eyes light up and experiencing the joke beyond what an image can tell. It’s something to be shared and passed down through generations… We’re very thankful and fortunate we were able to have you document that celebration. Looking back at the video and watching with Christopher we were really blown away with how coherent Mama Dixie was. She fully understood what that day meant. As her health declines, I can’t even begin to tell you how cherished the video is and will become especially for our own children someday. Wow, what it must be like to be able to do that for families!

Thanks for all you guys do! We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.”

Venue: Stone Oak Ranch

Photographer: Tara Swain

Dressmaker: Binzario

Florist:  A Touch of Nature

Cakes: Designs by D’Anne

Bridal Portraits: Alex M Photography