Ann & Ross’ Wedding Video | Kerrville, Texas

“You are a part of me…with the river…and the trees…all of our loved ones here to witness – I vow to you my entire self: mind, body, and spirit.”

With the Guadalupe River and the trees looking on, Ross spoke these words to his lovely bride Ann, whom he has loved for the past eight years. Their ceremony was serene and poetic, and was the perfect counterpoint to a weekend of playing games, engaging in raucous competitions, dancing, drinking, story-telling, and all around fun with friends and family at Camp Waldemar in Kerrville.

Filming the festivities and love was incredibly fun for us, as was editing it all together into a piece that is equal parts profound and silly, energetic and beautiful. Ann and Ross, thank you for inviting us into your magical world for a day!

We want to let you know that when we watched the feature, it emphasized exactly why we hired you guys. Y'all do such a good job of collecting the best memories and piecing them together to make the most emotional story we could've hoped for. I've watched it about 5 times now and it makes me cry every time! It truly is a wonderful film that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives!!

- Ann
Photographer: Lone Oak Studios
Catering: True Flavors
Hair and Makeup: Raw Mane Salon
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